Sunday, July 10, 2011

21st Century Fashion

Just a random thought while looking at different fashion blogs... It seems like WE "FASHIONISTAS" have lost our innovative touch. Lately, in the 21st Century we have been recycling fashion from the 20th Century. These days we are wearing everything from the 70's (bell-bottoms, maxi skirts and dresses, platforms, fringe, natural fros and locks, scarfs/turbans) 80's (tights, oxfords, bows, floral everything, denim jackets/vest) and even the 90's with the bold colored pants, blazers and vibrant shoes and Aztec prints.) ***high waisted bottoms were very prevalent in all three of these decades*** Fast forwarding 20 years from now... What will our children be inspired to wear from our adult years (the early 2000's)? As adults, we are now wearing what our parents wore or how they dressed us as kids. It's time for us "FASHIONISTAS" to be inspiring and futuristic whatever that is lol! :-) I do understand that fashion just recycles itself, but why not dare to be different?! Last year was TOTALLY 80'S, this year it's the 90's with the colored pants and blazers also the 70's with the BELLS and PLATS! So do I need to get a head start on next years fashion trend which would probably be 60's! wink wink

P.S. The only trend that the 21st Century created was low rise jeans... Which is no longer trending... Trending now is natural waist or high...

P.P.S. Not saying I don't love or follow these trends, this is just something that I am putting on notice. That's all...

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