Friday, November 25, 2011

Cardigans, Sweaters & Jumpers Oh My!

I am in sweater heaven! This fall/winter season I am totally lusting over oversized-cardigans, oversized- sweaters "jumpers" short for "jumper cable", which is the way the sweater is weaved or knitted. They are the cutest way to be comfy and fashionable at the same time. Pair one of these with some leggings/tights or over-the-knee socks, with boots and you'll look effortlessly chic!

Keep your eyeballs open to see which one of these are in my online shopping cart! Wink, wink!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving Eve peeps! I call this "The Bold & The Beautiful". So lately I've been crushing over eyeliners, lip liners and lipsticks/crayons! I have a strong collection on my hands and will be experimenting with different looks. I'm feeling that blue lip color however, I'm not so sure about wearing it out yet. With bold colors like this you have to exude confidence which typically I do especially when i wear my outfits but we shall see... Who am I kidding, I may rock that blue this weekend, keep your eyeballs open to see if I mustered up the guts to do so!

Lip colors: the brownish/black Ruby Kisses (Femme Fatale), the blue Ruby Kisses (Rich Bitch), purple-ish M.A.C (Amplified Violetta)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last Minute Details!

Today was no different than any other day... I was feeling a bit experimental with prints and textures. So this is what I came up with at the last minute as I was headed out to have brunch with one of my besties. I had the skirt and top together but wasn't sure of the bag and shoes so at the last minute I grabbed my oxfords and my favorite bag "studded fanny pack". I've been having this modern 80's fanny and worn it once already but didn't take pictures so here it is!!! It's my fave and I've gotten plenty compliments on it!

I also, hooked up with my favorite fellas today and watched plenty football and chuckled about real life situations! Now I'm headed out to dinner with the fiancé to celebrate our friend's anniversary. So this fit will be an all purpose look for today because I'm not changing! Hope you like and TTYL wink, wink

Outfit: top- thrifted, skirt- H&M, fanny pack- Urban Outfitters, leopard oxfords- Steve Madden

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Patterns & Textures!

Today was a mello day for me... I only got out to go the beauty supply and grocery store. There was no thought behind this look, I just threw on the most mixed match items I could find and to me it ended up being Irregulary Perfect! Wink, wink!

Btw: I probably should've put on some make up, I don't have a lick on... I'm bad about that! Lol! Oh well...

Enjoy! Muah

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

S.weet C.hic!

Oh boy! South Carolina really had some sweet treats for me! S.C. brought on this vintage orgasm that is indescribable! Some may not understand my choices but they speak volumes to me... I landed an oversized sweater, poncho cape, mustard vintage blazer, leopard blouse and many more that's not shown here. Disclaimer: If you are puzzled by my Thelma from Good Times, that 70's show sofa print poncho, don't be because I will rock it like non other! Wink wink!

I purchased 8 items all for $30! Now that's a steal... 4/8 of those items totaled $10! I didn't get the best deal on the remaining 4 pieces, but oh we'll they were still cheap. Anyway, hope you like!

Va-Va Voom!!!

Just a little preview of how sweet S.C.'s thrift stores have been to me! I found the most Vibrant, Vintage and Visually Vocal pieces on my thrifting Voyage here in South Carolina.

Enjoy and keep your eyeballs open to see the full pieces. Wink, wink!

Fall Essentials!

Sorry for the late posting but this is a little bit of what I walked away with from my accessory day on Sunday.

New lipstick from Sephora, a beaded clutch from Forever and make-up essentials from Sephora. I also bought a necklace, earrings, over the knee socks and this scarf that I'm not to sure about, I'm so having buyers remorse about it. So I didn't show it here.

Enjoy muah!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

In My Own Zone!

Today I had some much needed ME time! I visited the nail shop and got a pedi and refill, went accessory shopping as I mentioned on my blog's fan page. I got plenty, plenty stuff...

I bought my first pair of knee socks, new lipstick, lip crayons/liner, scarf, clutch, necklaces, eyeliner and foundation primer; which I don't even own foundation... (shoulder shrugs) :-/ but I'll make it work! Keep your eyeballs open, the next post will be the items I snatched up today.

Outfit: previously worn on an earlier post this summer, this is my favorite thrifted skirt and it's Liz Claiborne! Wink, wink

Oh btw... That is me capturing a pic of my reflection walking downtown in the Pavilion. Every time I passed a window my reflect caught my eye so I couldn't pass it up!

All Over The Place...

Yesterday the fiancé and I took a stroll down Kemah for dinner and fun. Here is what I wore and he told me that I was all over the place with this look. He wasn't diggin the leopard oxfords with the skirt but whateves!!! I digged it and it was Irregularly Perfect! Wink, wink!

Outfit: denim button down- H&M, maxi skirt-thrifted, leopard oxfords- Steve Madden, scarf- late great grandma's

Friday, November 11, 2011


Here is a shot of a photographer capturing fierce photographer taking a pic of another equally fierce streetwalker! That dress is something MAJOR and the look that she is capturing is color blocking genius! So chic... The pair of them!

Shei Atkins!

I had the pleasure of styling Houston's own R&B singer/actress/author Shei Atkins for the stage play "God Doesn't Make Mistakes". In this play Shei played the role of a 19 year old gospel singer who falls in love with her childhood guy best friend. So that was the look she and I were going for when it came to styling; young, wholesome and budget-friendly :-).

Also, when styling for this play I to keep in mind the 30 second wardrobe change in between scenes. So what was needed was, easy get into and out of pieces. You will find that the styling here is not the typical eclectic, funky and edgy looks that you all are used to seeing come from me. I had to step out of my comfort zone and style accordingly, which as a good stylist you must have the ability to do that and be fluent in all styling genres.

BTW: this play was awesome, it had sad, hilarious and real life moments that anyone could relate to. Shei did an amazing job as well, it was a pleasure working with her and more is to come from the two of us.

With that being said, today I will be meeting up with Shei for another styling session for her upcoming show in NYC. So keep you eyeballs open! Wink wink!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Solange "Knocked" up again!

Looks like Solange just started blogging and I love it!!! I also love the name of, it's called, Isn't that the cutest?!? Well here is today's post. I adore, adore, adore the gigantic hair knocker! It takes me back to 7th grade when we would wear a million different color ones all at once. Solange is the most confident, fashion forward, inspiring and realist celeb around. I heart her!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Styling & Profiling!!!

Here is a look at the personal shopping/styling session I had on Saturday! My client is moving back to her home state and needed/wanted some new and fun gear to funk up her wardrobe. Like everybody else, she wanted to expand her wardrobe without breaking the bank! So I said no problem! I took her to a Goodwill in a upper middle class neighborhood which is key when thrift shopping.

As we were looking around I could tell that my client was a bit nervous, because I kept filling the basket with very eclectic pieces which should couldn't tell where I was going with these pieces or my vision. I mean that basket was filled to the max! Clothes spilling out everywhere so I ended up with two full baskets! One with tops and the other with bottoms.

So as she undressed I simply handed her different outfits over the dressing room door. She was shocked by the pieces that I paired together because she would have never pieced them together or even picked them out to begin with.

However, in the end she was pleasantly surprised and ecstatic about her outfits! She ended up walking away with four out of the five shown here. The outfit she didn't leave with I ended up buying it, which was the cropped snake skin pants with the blue button down blouse. She also left with an additional shirt that I picked out but not shown here and two belts for a total of $67.00!!!

BTW: those leggings paired with the leopard blouse are hunter green cords!!! They are so HOT and are a must have for the fall/winter

Also the tailored pants paired with the black/red striped button down are a mini houndstooth print! I should have taken close ups of the prints and textures darn!

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Wink wink!