Friday, May 11, 2012

Retail Therapy!!!

Today I went to the Galleria mall for a little retail therapy, just a little. I haven't been to the mall in many moons because I do most of my shopping online.

While there I stopped in my favorite stores probably the only stores I buy from, Urban Outfitters and Zara. Zara had some really nice pieces and shoes there, but a lot of the items were over priced. Nonetheless, I bought into those inflated prices.

Below are the pieces that I tried on but only walked away with 3 out of 6 of those items. Oh while I was at it I captured a pic of my look for the day. I left with the mint green mid rise shorts, the highlighter yellow sheer top and yes I am pairing those two pieces together! I think the color combo is genius. Lastly, I snatched up those pastel, peach, side zipper, hoochy mama shorts! They are made of denim but coated with something to where they look and sort of feel like leather...I love them. They are exactly like those pants shown here.

My outfit details: thrifted shirt which I love and probably has been featured on my blog two other times already, but who cares...the orange/coral pants are a H&M special. All bracelets shown here are created by me.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Folks!!!

Hello peeps! I know it has been a while since I posted one of my looks but, there is no better time than today! Here is my Easter Sunday dress that I wore to church. When I purchased this dress in December I knew then that it would be my Easter dress! It's so fitting for the day and spring. I copped this dress while in one of the Carolina's for $6.00 and it's Bill Blass which is an old school designer.

Also, the bracelets worn here are made by the one and only ME!!! All except for the very first one closest to the watch. That one was made by another jewelry designer I came across. Those cute button earrings were also made by another jewelry designer I stumbled across on Instagram. I just love those button earrings! I never knew I had so many pieces of clothes that go perfectly with them.

Last thing, I have a mini vacation coming up at the end of the month where me and my bestie are going to ATL for the big natural hair show/expo. So stay tuned for our stylish fits, all of the jewelry vendors and fabulous natural ladies! There will be pics galore...

Wink wink,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Primary Colors!

Today's look...kind of an androgynous/preppy style going on here. I didn't have anything major going on today so I kept it simple and low key. I played around with primary colors to amp up my fit. I guess today I'll keep the verbiage short and sweet since I have a tendency to ramble a bit so enjoy!

Outfit: striped button down- JCP (Liz Claiborne), belt- F21, navy shorts- H&M, green satchel- Cambridge Satchel

Wink wink

Thursday, March 8, 2012

H&M Part 2...

Yet another H&M shopping spree! Just a little... Today was my second trip to H&M this week and I didn't see any of these items shown here two days ago. So I don't feel too bad about making a second trip.

I liked most of the items I tried on especially the denim top which could be worn off the shoulders, on both shoulders or asymmetrical. Such a versatile top it goes with everything as you can see and very prevalent this Spring.

The items I went home with are: the denim top of course, it would be silly not to. The electric blue tapered chinos, they are very soft to touch, comfy, chic that will transition from casual cute to dressy chic easily. If going for casual cute, I would pair these pants with my leopard oxfords, with a white v-neck and my Kelly green belt with plenty gold accessories. To transition it to dressy chic I would throw on one of my many blazers and swap the oxfords for a nice pair of pumps preferably cognac color with a matching belt. Sorry I digress but that is my thought process when making purchases.

Lastly, I took the paisley dress home too. It's really not my style but it's cute, girly and flirty and I don't think I own anything like it. What else sold me was the fact that it has hidden pockets on the sides. So it was a winner! I liked those mint green pants but they were just too tight and I just bought a coral pair shown in the H&M post. So I did without them.

Wink wink!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fitting Room Swag!

Last Saturday I hit up the Galleria for a little therapy; just a little though... While there I ran into Zara since I hadn't been there in many moons. Not really sure why I've been on a hiatus from there however, it was a good and timely reunion. Zara was having a really good sale, I assume to rid all of the winter pieces to roll out their first part of spring.

Anyway, here I captured my outfit for the day which is the striped blouse, belted with my favorite belt, tomato colored mini skirt and leopard oxfords. Yep I'm all over the place with my prints but I love it and wouldn't have it any other way! I love expressing myself through clothes so what I wear determines my mood for the day or moment.

Also, I captured the pieces that I tried on and was being a bit lazy as you can see; I didn't feel like coming out of my top lol! Nonetheless, I was still able to get a feel for what the pieces look like. That gold dress is almost everything; I know it's going to require the right styling because it's a size small knowing I'm a medium but that was the last one left so I had to snatch it up! The dress is cut kind of weird, it's loose fitting in the midsection and fitted everywhere else so a belt is very necessary. The crazy thing is that I haven't bought a tight fitted dress in a very long time because I am so over the skin tight mini dresses but this one isn't as bad and is complimenting my curves nicely. So I bought it!

I also bought the deep green flared pants, they are really long but I have a pair of platforms for them so hopefully the length is perfect. I can't wait to rock these and create a great color combo. It's more of a fall color but I'm already thinking of a coral colored blouse to pair with it so that it tones down the richness of the green to make it spring appropriate.

Lastly, I left those coral colored pants there, didn't need them, they were ill fitting and I had almost forgot that I have 2 or more pairs of coral pants already!

Enjoy! Wink wink

Outfit: striped top and skirt- H&M, leopard belt- Aldo, leopard shoes (oxfords)- Steve Madden

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today I made a drive to a mall in Raleigh, NC all the way from Greensboro, NC... The drive ended up being 1 1/2 hours. I know... you are probably wondering why I drove so far when I probably passed several malls along the way! Well you are right I did pass about 3 or 4 malls but only this mall in Raleigh has a H&M!!! The only H&M in NC... I hadn't been to H&M in 4 months so I had to check them out before I left NC.

On my long drive there I was hoping that they had fresh, trendy and inspiring pieces which would make my drive worth while. Oh but when I arrived my hopes and dreams had been crushed to itty bitty pieces! They had nothing, I repeat... Nothing! They had the usual basics which they carry year round. Below you will see me trying on a basic black tee-shirt dress, and the same dress in coral. The idea I had for those dresses were to build them up with layers to create a casual, funky and cute look but they were the wrong fit. The dresses were loose in the midsection and fitted in the hips which gave me a frumpy look and added lbs. in the tummy area that weren't there.

They also had a couple of printed pieces which I dibbled and dabbled in. There was that floral printed dress that I tried on that was dreadful in cut and style, well at least on my curvy body. That print was also featured on a few blouses and skirts which I didn't care for. Also, the rabbit print, Peter Pan collar blouse was featured on other pieces as well.

In short, the only pieces I left with were the orange pants, the ivory button down blouse in a bigger size since the one shown here is too small and a cute gold ring. The look is chic, simple and transitional from Spring to Summer and could even be rocked in the fall. Total spent on the outfit and ring was $40. Not as cheap as my thrifty finds however, its not too shabby!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Pink, Dots and Cords...

I poked my head into the local Goodwill while I was on my lunch break and didn't really see anything. It only takes me about 10-15 to skim through the racks to come to a conclusion, which today's conclusion was a NEGATIVE!

So I tried on this blazer and skirt that was too small which wasn't even worthy of showing so I didn't post it. But I did get a few snaps of what I wore to work. So here it is!!!

Outfit: polka dot sweater- Old Navy, 3/4 sleeve trench- Urban Outfitters, navy corduroys and belt- thrifted, loafers- Nine West