Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fitting Room Swag!

Last Saturday I hit up the Galleria for a little therapy; just a little though... While there I ran into Zara since I hadn't been there in many moons. Not really sure why I've been on a hiatus from there however, it was a good and timely reunion. Zara was having a really good sale, I assume to rid all of the winter pieces to roll out their first part of spring.

Anyway, here I captured my outfit for the day which is the striped blouse, belted with my favorite belt, tomato colored mini skirt and leopard oxfords. Yep I'm all over the place with my prints but I love it and wouldn't have it any other way! I love expressing myself through clothes so what I wear determines my mood for the day or moment.

Also, I captured the pieces that I tried on and was being a bit lazy as you can see; I didn't feel like coming out of my top lol! Nonetheless, I was still able to get a feel for what the pieces look like. That gold dress is almost everything; I know it's going to require the right styling because it's a size small knowing I'm a medium but that was the last one left so I had to snatch it up! The dress is cut kind of weird, it's loose fitting in the midsection and fitted everywhere else so a belt is very necessary. The crazy thing is that I haven't bought a tight fitted dress in a very long time because I am so over the skin tight mini dresses but this one isn't as bad and is complimenting my curves nicely. So I bought it!

I also bought the deep green flared pants, they are really long but I have a pair of platforms for them so hopefully the length is perfect. I can't wait to rock these and create a great color combo. It's more of a fall color but I'm already thinking of a coral colored blouse to pair with it so that it tones down the richness of the green to make it spring appropriate.

Lastly, I left those coral colored pants there, didn't need them, they were ill fitting and I had almost forgot that I have 2 or more pairs of coral pants already!

Enjoy! Wink wink

Outfit: striped top and skirt- H&M, leopard belt- Aldo, leopard shoes (oxfords)- Steve Madden

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