Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today I made a drive to a mall in Raleigh, NC all the way from Greensboro, NC... The drive ended up being 1 1/2 hours. I know... you are probably wondering why I drove so far when I probably passed several malls along the way! Well you are right I did pass about 3 or 4 malls but only this mall in Raleigh has a H&M!!! The only H&M in NC... I hadn't been to H&M in 4 months so I had to check them out before I left NC.

On my long drive there I was hoping that they had fresh, trendy and inspiring pieces which would make my drive worth while. Oh but when I arrived my hopes and dreams had been crushed to itty bitty pieces! They had nothing, I repeat... Nothing! They had the usual basics which they carry year round. Below you will see me trying on a basic black tee-shirt dress, and the same dress in coral. The idea I had for those dresses were to build them up with layers to create a casual, funky and cute look but they were the wrong fit. The dresses were loose in the midsection and fitted in the hips which gave me a frumpy look and added lbs. in the tummy area that weren't there.

They also had a couple of printed pieces which I dibbled and dabbled in. There was that floral printed dress that I tried on that was dreadful in cut and style, well at least on my curvy body. That print was also featured on a few blouses and skirts which I didn't care for. Also, the rabbit print, Peter Pan collar blouse was featured on other pieces as well.

In short, the only pieces I left with were the orange pants, the ivory button down blouse in a bigger size since the one shown here is too small and a cute gold ring. The look is chic, simple and transitional from Spring to Summer and could even be rocked in the fall. Total spent on the outfit and ring was $40. Not as cheap as my thrifty finds however, its not too shabby!


  1. Love the orange pants! I hear we're getting one in Houston...Bay brook I think!

  2. Thanks anonymous! They fit sooo tight but I like them!