Friday, January 27, 2012


So today I DISCOVERED a new trend that I sort of made up on my own by accident! I made it all the way to work and DISCOVERED that I buttoned up my shirt wrong!!! Silly me :-p However, that's what I call the epitome of Irregularly Perfect!

So I rocked it that way for about an hour before someone more professional critiqued my DISCOVERY. Anyway check me out wink, wink!

Outfit: Cord blazer and button down blouse- thrifted, jeans- Saks 5th off (Department of Peace), belt-Zara, boots- Nordstrom (I forget the brand)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hermes x Vans

These bad boys are something Major!!! How sick is this, Hermes and Vans came together and created fashion magic on another level! This collab was created with silk Hermes scarfs which gives Vans a high fashion look.

I bet you are wondering where you could find you a pair of these hot babies... Well I've searched high and low only to find out that this dopeness isn't produced for the masses!!! They were only made for one person (someone with dough) and aren't being produced... So pretty much they are exclusive! Oh well, just know that silks
and prints like the ones below are going to be trending for Spring 2012.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Long Hair & Skirt Don't Care!

Good morning beautiful peeps!!! Yesterday I got sewed up by the lovely Eve and she did an amazing job as always. I needed a protective style for these natural roots so I went with the silky, straight 16 inches. Oh btw I am 8 months and 1 week into this natural hair process and loving it... Sometimes lol!

But anyway enough about my hair this isn't a natural hair blog... Well me and the bestie hung yesterday and did random things all day and night so this is what I wore... You've seen this top worn in a previous post when I was in Chicago, but not my favorite skirt. I absolutely love this skirt, it's vintage, flattering, fun, tea length (3qtr length) and it was only $2!!! Enjoy wink wink!

Outfit: top and skirt- thrifted, hair- Moroccan (Jolla Bella) lol 😊

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crushing Velvet!

It's a CELEBRATION snitches!!! This weekend my fiancé crossed over onto the dark side. He is now in the 30 club and he brought his b day in right! So here is what I rocked on this fun filled, eventful day.

I got plenty compliments and the others just didn't understand so they cracked jokes about my velvet bow tie, calling me a Muslim, Louis Ferrakhan and Andre 3Stacks. It was all in good fun so I didn't take offense to any of the banter. There was also talk about how many blazers I posses since I'm always rocking a different one when I'm out. I haven't made an official count but I have roughly 20-25... Anyway we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I would like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate on behalf of the boo! Enjoy!

Outfit: Anne Klein blazer- thrifted, sheer button down shirt- H&M, leopard velvet shorts- Urban Outfitters, velvet bow tie- eBay, velvet Jeffrey Campbell Litas- Nasty Gal

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well hello there!!! I am back from taking a brief break from the blog world to celebrate the holidays. I have quite a few things to blog about since I've been out of the loop, so keep your eyes open for more to come in 2012.

Well let me start by catching you guys up on December... This look right here is from when the fiance and I took on the Watch The Throne concert. OMG!!! That dynamic duo (Jigga & Kanye) blew the stage up, it was straight bananas in there. They put a whole new meaning to their most famous song "Niggas in Paris" they Balled Sooooo Hard to that song! Okay, okay, okay enough about the concert since it was a month ago, cause I could go down memory lane for hours about that concert.

Moving on to the look of the night. It was STUPID cold that evening so of course I wore faux leather shorts, I mean what else would I wear? Jeans or Sweats? Yeah right lol! I paired my leathers with a 100% RABBIT fur jacket that I had been dying to wear. When I tell you that fur was shedding like nobody's business, I mean it was everywhere! My goal was to rock as many different materials, textures and prints as possible which I did.

The materials, textures and patterns consisted of; the sequin blouse, 100% rabbit fur jacket, faux leather shorts, polka dot tights, faux fur leopard belt, suede knee high boots and my blinged out ring!

Outfit: 100% rabbit fur jacket, sequin blouse- thrifted, faux leather shorts and polka dot tights- Urban Outfitters, suede boots- Steve Madden, leopard belt- Aldo, cocktail ring- Betsey Johnson

Hope you enjoy!!! Wink wink