Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crushing Velvet!

It's a CELEBRATION snitches!!! This weekend my fiancé crossed over onto the dark side. He is now in the 30 club and he brought his b day in right! So here is what I rocked on this fun filled, eventful day.

I got plenty compliments and the others just didn't understand so they cracked jokes about my velvet bow tie, calling me a Muslim, Louis Ferrakhan and Andre 3Stacks. It was all in good fun so I didn't take offense to any of the banter. There was also talk about how many blazers I posses since I'm always rocking a different one when I'm out. I haven't made an official count but I have roughly 20-25... Anyway we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I would like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate on behalf of the boo! Enjoy!

Outfit: Anne Klein blazer- thrifted, sheer button down shirt- H&M, leopard velvet shorts- Urban Outfitters, velvet bow tie- eBay, velvet Jeffrey Campbell Litas- Nasty Gal

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