Sunday, January 22, 2012

Long Hair & Skirt Don't Care!

Good morning beautiful peeps!!! Yesterday I got sewed up by the lovely Eve and she did an amazing job as always. I needed a protective style for these natural roots so I went with the silky, straight 16 inches. Oh btw I am 8 months and 1 week into this natural hair process and loving it... Sometimes lol!

But anyway enough about my hair this isn't a natural hair blog... Well me and the bestie hung yesterday and did random things all day and night so this is what I wore... You've seen this top worn in a previous post when I was in Chicago, but not my favorite skirt. I absolutely love this skirt, it's vintage, flattering, fun, tea length (3qtr length) and it was only $2!!! Enjoy wink wink!

Outfit: top and skirt- thrifted, hair- Moroccan (Jolla Bella) lol 😊

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