Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vintage Sorrows!!!

The vintage pieces I didn't go home with : ( tear... I liked to have cried over that beautifully printed maxi skirt!!! It was too DAMN small!!! Well it was taken in about 1 1/2 inches so I couldn't zip it all the way up. : ( But I was thinking I could just let it out and then I would be good to go... But reality set in and I then realized that there is a strong possibly that it still wouldn't fit. So I walked away oh so APPREHENSIVELY... But I think I would just have to lose weight for it... That means I may go back to get it : )

As for that killer necklace I had to just walk away peacefully because I knew I wasn't paying $255 for that necklace!!! I saw this at a more uppity vintage shop which they take pride in there vintage finds. Most of their items were designer like that fierce black CHANEL belt below it!
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70's FLARE

I had to get a pic of one of my besties looking fab as ever in her EXTREME FLARE denim!!! I really digged her look yesterday... Hope you LIKE!
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Going with the FLOW!

This was my look for yesterday as I went on my vintage expedition. I love the flowiness of my skirt but I just kept tripping and stepping on it! : ( So I got a couple of snags in it, but nothing I couldn't fix immediately... Any who I thought i'd share with you guys : )
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Galleria Blues...

Top of the morning to ya! :-) Yesterday was day 2 of my vacation and it was a bit of a drag... I was on a mission to find a cute outfit for the upcoming RIHANNA concert this Saturday that the Mr. and I are going to.

So I decided to go to the Galleria mall here in Houston. To my surprise, I couldn't find not one inspiring clothing article to peek my fashion interest! (rolling my eyes) I've come to the realization that our biggest mall here (the Galleria) sucks! The only stores that I ever go to there are URBAN OUTFITTERS, NORDSTROM (for shoes) and ZARA. All the other stores are just FLUFF... They either don't compliment my sense of style or too too trendy and cheap or too darn expensive to be shopping there on a regular basis. So when taking the stroll around the mall hitting up the regular spots I ended my expedition at ZARA.

ZARA has become America's go to shopping place and I can't lie I've fallen victim as well, but not anymore. Don't get me wrong ZARA has very fashionable clothes and inspiring looks but I don't want to be that ZARA CLONE anymore. Yeah, the color pants, skirts, shirts and blazers are the bomb and very vibrant, but come on now, how many colored blazers and pants can one have? I get bored with TRENDS easily and am always ready for the the next trend to surface. I don't like doing what the crowd does, I like doing me and setting trends. I really hate when trends surface and we push the trend to the max! It's a trend, it will be out of style in the next season so fall back a bit and explore the trend when it's new and then move on PLEASE! I guess that saying is true... "SHE WEARING THAT LIKE IT'S GOING OUT OF STYLE" Lol! Okay I'm done venting, on to the next...

Okay, I said all of that to say that... TODAY! I will be taking my fashion talents to my local and favorite RESALE shops! Thank the LORD for those! My creative juices really starts to flow when I'm vintage shopping. So hopefully I have much success there!

Wish me luck!


Monday, June 27, 2011

HATS off!

Guys would you or would you not?!! I asked my better half and he says maybe 2/6... Could you pull it off? let me know... Or ladies would your other half rock these?

Oh Vivienne!

LOVE IT!!! Needs to cop me one of these...

Squared UP!

Squared UP!

Dsquared nappa leather jacket
€5.200 -

Dsquared logos jewelry
$147 -

Dsquared2 Blacksmith T-Shirt
£100 -

80's Splash

80's Splash

Chiffon shirt
£22 -

Forever21 graphic tank top
$14 -

Marc Jacobs flower shorts
£267 -

Charlotte Olympia wedge shoes
$576 -

Dorothy Perkins blue handbag
£10 -

Club Manhattan gold jewelry
€18 -

Satin necklace
$850 -

Cacharel circle sunglasses
$525 -



Creating my own RUNWAY point of view through POLYVORE!
Fendi dolman sleeve top
£375 -

Soul Cal crop top
£20 -

Wildfox Couture cotton tank
$159 -

Alice by Temperley knit top
£155 -

Miss Selfridge shirt blouse
£25 -

ChloƩ cap sleeve blouse
$570 -

Sportmax silk pants
$358 -

Chiffon pants
£30 -

Sass & Bide tapered pants
$299 -

Sonia Rykiel sheer pants
£189 -

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel cuffed pants
$390 -

Chiffon pants
£30 -

Marais USA beige shoes
$96 -

Giuseppe Zanotti wedge shoes
$750 -

Stuart weitzman shoes

Jeffrey Campbell lace up wedge
$160 -

Jeffrey Campbell platform shoes
$120 -