Sunday, November 13, 2011

In My Own Zone!

Today I had some much needed ME time! I visited the nail shop and got a pedi and refill, went accessory shopping as I mentioned on my blog's fan page. I got plenty, plenty stuff...

I bought my first pair of knee socks, new lipstick, lip crayons/liner, scarf, clutch, necklaces, eyeliner and foundation primer; which I don't even own foundation... (shoulder shrugs) :-/ but I'll make it work! Keep your eyeballs open, the next post will be the items I snatched up today.

Outfit: previously worn on an earlier post this summer, this is my favorite thrifted skirt and it's Liz Claiborne! Wink, wink

Oh btw... That is me capturing a pic of my reflection walking downtown in the Pavilion. Every time I passed a window my reflect caught my eye so I couldn't pass it up!

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