Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving Eve peeps! I call this "The Bold & The Beautiful". So lately I've been crushing over eyeliners, lip liners and lipsticks/crayons! I have a strong collection on my hands and will be experimenting with different looks. I'm feeling that blue lip color however, I'm not so sure about wearing it out yet. With bold colors like this you have to exude confidence which typically I do especially when i wear my outfits but we shall see... Who am I kidding, I may rock that blue this weekend, keep your eyeballs open to see if I mustered up the guts to do so!

Lip colors: the brownish/black Ruby Kisses (Femme Fatale), the blue Ruby Kisses (Rich Bitch), purple-ish M.A.C (Amplified Violetta)


  1. Love the colors!

  2. Me too! They all look awesome on you!

  3. I LOVE the blue...would've NEVER thought to try it!