Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Styling & Profiling!!!

Here is a look at the personal shopping/styling session I had on Saturday! My client is moving back to her home state and needed/wanted some new and fun gear to funk up her wardrobe. Like everybody else, she wanted to expand her wardrobe without breaking the bank! So I said no problem! I took her to a Goodwill in a upper middle class neighborhood which is key when thrift shopping.

As we were looking around I could tell that my client was a bit nervous, because I kept filling the basket with very eclectic pieces which should couldn't tell where I was going with these pieces or my vision. I mean that basket was filled to the max! Clothes spilling out everywhere so I ended up with two full baskets! One with tops and the other with bottoms.

So as she undressed I simply handed her different outfits over the dressing room door. She was shocked by the pieces that I paired together because she would have never pieced them together or even picked them out to begin with.

However, in the end she was pleasantly surprised and ecstatic about her outfits! She ended up walking away with four out of the five shown here. The outfit she didn't leave with I ended up buying it, which was the cropped snake skin pants with the blue button down blouse. She also left with an additional shirt that I picked out but not shown here and two belts for a total of $67.00!!!

BTW: those leggings paired with the leopard blouse are hunter green cords!!! They are so HOT and are a must have for the fall/winter

Also the tailored pants paired with the black/red striped button down are a mini houndstooth print! I should have taken close ups of the prints and textures darn!

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