Monday, July 4, 2011


New COLOUR!!! The color is called ORCHID, but I can't remember the brand. I think it was a cheap brand that I've never heard of before.. Any who it came out lovely!

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  1. Hey "babygirld",

    hmm interesting screen name... No offense taken what so ever. I appreciate and welcome all criticism positive or negative and just plain catty but I have a rule of thumb to always consider the source... No offense though:) I certainly appreciate you checking out my blog. I attempted to visit your blog in the hopes of gathering some inspiration but as far as I can see you have nothing... Maybe you can channel some of that energy into creating a page or two of your own.

    Any who thanks for checking out my BLOG!!! Appreciate the extra hit :-)
    Keep checking me out I am continuously posting new things.

    *wink wink