Monday, July 4, 2011

Patiently Waiting...

JUST MADE A NEW PURCHASE!!! And I am UBER excited about it!! :-) The downside to it is that, I made the puchase via online and I have to play the waiting game. Even worse, the website isn't really clear on the delivery date, it gives a broad arrival time of "within 30 days" *raised brow! Nevertheless, I am excited and can't wait, I can see myself checking the mail everyday which I normally don't do at all! :-/ I won't reveal what it is just yet, just know that pics will be coming soon or in 30 days!!! Lol!

P.S. It's coming from the UK, it can be embossed with intials which I didn't do and it has been featured in a lot of FASHION MAGS :-) *WINK WINK

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