Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Currently, we are having a fashion overhaul! Everything that was IN fashionably the last couple of years is OUT this year! Now don't be offended while reading this if I call out trends that you are still rocking. No pun intended! Everything I mention is purely preference and what I am seeing in the fashion world today. I follow trends but most importantly I strive to set trends whether "the people" like them or not.

First things first, Men and women, it is no longer cool to wear skinny jeans... Unless you are pairing your skinny jeans/or jeggins with a boot that goes beyond your ankle. The trend that's on the rise is flared legged pants and jeans and I love it! It's so 70's... However, while skinny legs are OUT, tapered legs are IN. Disclaimer: they must be a little flooded and or rolled up with a cuff. (Showing the people how sexy your ankles are) Lol! :-)

Secondly, BLACK is OUT! All the way OUT in my opinion... Be a little daring and sport some color! The new blacks are nude and navy, separately that is. Those two colors go great with any other colors just as black does. I.e nude and neons/bold colors, nude and black, nude and browns, reds, greens and blues. The same rules apply for navy as well. Excluding navy and black... I still haven't tried that color combo, I'm sure others have and it may have looked great, but I am going to hold off on that combo for now.

Next, having the latest, greatest and most expensive handbag!!! Thank GOD that trend has watered down for a minute... It was about to break me :-)Everyone had or has a Louis Vuitton in all shapes and assortments , Gucci etc... Today, we are rocking vintage name brands, such as; Dooney & Bourke, Kate Spade, Chanel and Coach. Clutches, satchels, hobo bags with fringe and even backpacks are very prevalent in the fashion world. Also, lots of color! Your bag must have color or if you are more conservative nude is great color bag.  

Lastly, short skirts are OUT... Whew! Because some of our ladies took the short skirt trend too far, LITERALLY! I still rock my short skirts because I don't feel that they are all the way out but I am embracing the knee length, tea length skirts and the maxis. The saying, "less is more" is thrown out the window when it comes to skirts these days. I feel the more length and volume in your skirt the more FAB your look is.

So ladies, look in your closet and sort through all of those last years trends and welcome the new trends! Have a yard sale or take your clothes to your local consignment shop and get some money back for you old threads and purchase some new. While you are at it, shop around in the consignment shops and see what vintage finds you stumble upon. I do it all the time! Not because I don't have the funds to shop for new clothes in your big retail/chain stores. I just like the idea of not looking like the diva next to me. Dare to be apart of the IN crowd! :-)
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