Saturday, June 25, 2011


GUYS I haven't forgotten about you... I will be posting fabulous MASCULINE looks for my bros as well! That's what I've been struggling with, trying to find cool looks for the TYPE of guys I know! I don't want to just put anything out there like the very trendy styles that are ripping the runways and on the streets right now.... ie. THE CUFFED/ROLLED PANT HEM, COLOURFUL PANTS, PRINTED PANTS, TAPERED PANTS and GIRLY PRINTED/COLOURFUL SHOES! like the ones below. I KNOW MY BROS AND AUDIENCE BETTER THAN THAT! I want my male viewers to appreciate and actually feel like they could actually rock some of the looks... So bare with me as I continue my relentless search for cool threads for my BROS!

P.S. let me know if you like these trends men and women then I will go from there. :-/

All seen in GQ...

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