Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bubble Yum!

Yesterday I had to be my own photographer since I was at work... So I went to my favorite EXPENSIVE :-/ Goodwill while on my lunch break. It's only my favorite because I find pretty good things there and the fact that it's 2 seconds away from my job. It's not my fav because their prices aren't comparable to other Goodwill stores. Any who I digress...

I am wearing the knee length skirt in"blue" that I got from the Goodwill in VA for $3.50. The"pink" one shown here is from the"expensive" one that I was currently at... I loved the color and the fit so much that I went ahead and bought it for ($7.00) 2X the price I paid for the"blue" one! Grrr... Anyway I got plenty compliments on yesterdays looks and I also got plenty looks!

See I work in a more conservative, business professional environment where people typically wear; black, white, grey and tans... So my look was a bit out the box to some... Nonetheless, I don't think those lookers were giving me mean and dirty looks, I think they probably thought it was different than the norm... Finally here is my look! And BTW: I've had this striped oxford shirt since 02!!! Just thought I'd put my hoarding out there! Lol! : ) I just can't let go...

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