Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UNIQUE Experience...

So this week I'm in Cleveland, OH and of course I went vintage shopping while here for work. I feel like I have to take a piece of every city back home with me.

Anyway, I searched and searched for a vintage/thrift shop and came across this place called UNIQUE thrift store... And it was UNIQUE alright, I'm telling you that this place was jammed packed! But it wasn't because the place was UNIQUE, it was a hott GHETTO mess. The people shopping there were more of the "less fortunate" than thrifty fashionistas... Everybody was straight hood and it looked like a club in there.

After sorting through millions of unorganized clothes, I came across a good 10 pieces... As I walked around looking for a dressing room, 10 minutes had passed... I then realized that this ghetto place doesn't even have a dang dressing room! So, I had to try my clothes on in front of everybody in this mirror that they had... DREADFUL I tell ya!

However, there is a happier ending. So after I tried on everything I only ended up with half of those items... The better part is here, I ended up only paying $11 for those 5 items because it was 50% off on Mondays!!! So I scored at the end of the day and was no longer irritated.

I thought I'd share two of the items that I liked the most. Here goes!

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  1. looove the Red blazer...Your Fall Trend Ready chica!

  2. Thanks ma'am! I promise this is the last blazer that I am purchasing... I seriously have too many!